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  • Charlotte Educational Article of the Month - How to keep mice out my garden?

How to keep mice out my garden?

How to keep mice out my garden?

Mice can be a terrible nuisance to a person's Charlotte garden. As omnivores, they also do enjoy eating plant food such as fruits, nuts, seeds and even stems and roots of plants. A mouse loose in your plant or vegetable garden can create havoc and cost you both time and money.
So how can you keep those mice away and preserve your North Carolina garden? Here are a few suggestions:

Cleaning up is just the first step in your pursuit of keeping your Charlotte garden mice-free. However, it is a very important step and should always be done.
Here's what to do:
• Remove all debris that mice can use as nests or dens
• Rake up other debris such as seeds, leaves or nuts which they feed on
• Seal up all entry points of your home so they don't escape into your home instead

Baits are excellent solutions to your Charlotte mice problem. It can help protect and safeguard your garden from them. Many baits that you buy in stores contain anticoagulants which can be harmful to the mice. However, it should also be noted that these anticoagulants can potentially harm your pets and small children if ingested and therefore they shouldn't go near them. Though baits are quite effective, they may take time and require mice to feed on them for some time before they take any kind of effect.

The most common traps are called snap traps. Those are the kinds you see on TV shows and cartoons and the most human and effective of all the other traps. You can entice the mice by coating the trap with peanut butter which will help slow down the mice and increase the chances of the trap working. You will need to place traps all over your North Carolina garden about five to ten feet away from each other and constantly replace the peanut butter every few days to keep it fresh.

Alternative solutions
If all else fails, why not get a cat? Cats are natural predators and mice are cautious when they know when a cat is around! If you let lose a cat in your garden, it's safe to say that mice won't be trying to enter your garden anytime soon. However, this too is not a permanet solution despite its effectivity. Once, that cat leaves or you bring it indoors, mice are more than likely to be more bold and enter your garden then.

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